Scoutcraft Badge


This is usually the first badge to be gained and awarded, in the Scout Section. The training and testing is carried out by the Patrol Leader (with the assistance and supervision of the Leaders if required).

The aim of the Scoutcraft Badge is as follows:

The Scoutcraft Badge is generally gained within four to six weeks of a new Scout joining the Troop or completed as a part of the linking process for a Cub Scout and is presented upon entry re-affirmation/investiture to the Troop.

Link Badge requirements : 

  1. With your patrol, complete the following :

    Learn and be able to demonstrate the following knots:

    1. reef knot

    2. clove hitch

    3. Sheet bend

    4. rolling hitch

  2. Describe the Australian flag and how to use it

    1. Hoist the flag

    2. Break the flag

  3. Know how to report an emergency

    1. Understand the importance of this

    2. Know the first steps to control bleeding

  4. Safety with camping tools

    1. Know the laws that govern the carrying and use of knives in your state or territory

    2. Know and understand the safety rules for the use and storage knives, bush saws and axes

    3. Demonstrate an understanding of the rules that apply to the supply and use of firewood in camping areas in your state and territory

    4. Demonstrate the use of a pocketknife or multi-tool.

  5. Patrol System

    1. Discuss with your Patrol Leader the requirements of the Pioneer Target or other appropriate target of the Award Scheme

    2. Discuss with your Patrol Leader how the Patrol System operates in your troop, e.g. election of Patrol Leader; appointment of APL, responsibilities of the Troop Council.

    3. Show an understanding of the structure and duties of the patrol